People Counting

Security is forever changing and evolving with technology adding a completely new dimension in we can keep our property, staff and loved ones safe. One of the latest advancements in security is fingerprint and facial recognition. Whilst the systems have been used in government and official corporations for many years, the continued development and advancement in security technology has seen these security options now available to the public whether it be residential or commercial.

Another technology which has been introduced in the recent years and embraced by businesses and organisations is people counting technology.

The Benefits of installing a People Counting System include:

  • Accurate reports on how many customers/visitors the venue is receiving
  • Capabilities to track specific times of busy and quiet foot traffic to assist with scheduling adequate staff and resources
  • Building management for corporate organisations
  • Analytics and reporting for retailers
  • Ability to incorporate other security systems to coincide with tracking
  • Queue management

People Counting works on a heat-detecting sensor system which is professionally installed by our experienced Camera FX technicians. The sensors can be installed externally as well as internally and will be incorporated as discreetly as possible into the existing building framework. The individual units are installed into the requested areas of interest and can work individually (i.e for a front entrance) or be configured to collaborate with a network of several sensors.

The system itself will be constantly tracking the movement in the designated areas and compiling the count date into an audit which clients can access on site or remotely.

If you would like more information on this security technology or to arrange a consultation with one of our installers, please contact our head office today.


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