Closed Circuit Television (or CCTV) is one of the most popular security options chosen by both businesses and home owners.  The reason for it’s popularity is the reassurance it provides as a preventative and efficient security tool.  Recent technology has increased the functionality of some CCTV systems to not only record surveillance footage but to recognise particular movement as potential threats to the property.

One particular CCTV system that is capable of this comprehensive video surveillance technique is Avigilon.  With Avigilon’s high definition video surveillance and analytics technology, it offers a security service like no other and one which we at Camera FX are proud to provide to our clients. The amazing feature that this software can offer is you can remotely access the camera’s through your mobile phone and check on your property at any time.

Avigilon is unique in the coverage of security it is capable of providing due to two particular technologies that are exclusively available through Avigilon:

Aviligon High Deinition Video Analytics

It’s no good having a CCTV security system if trees moving in the wind is going to set off an alarm and this is where the concept for Avigilon’s high definition video analytics stems from.  The high definition video programmed with an unprecedented analytics solution has provided the ultimate combination in recognising relevant security risks with highly accurate alerts and clear image detail.  The likelihood of false alarms plummets with the extensive and collaborative technologies.

This technology also offers coverage and the intricate detail that is often required for identification purposes.  The analytics element of the system manages all of the intelligence, notifications and security alerts and compiles the information into easily accessible reporting.  The Avigilon Control Centre also offers software which allows users to search for ‘scene changes’ which can be used to detect unauthorised entry, missing objects or a particular security/safety incident.

Teach By Example Technology

The Aviligon is constantly stockpiling the behaviours of the monitored area which it the reason for it’s increases accuracy in reporting and alerting security breaches. The added advantage of this technology is that information can be entered to update the security system on particular behavioural patterns or movement.  This may be relevant if renovations have been done to the premises or if opening hours have changed and the movements of staff and customers are changing. The Aviligon system and software can evolve and adapt to change which offers that extra reassurance that the premises are being adequately monitored.

Having CCTV installed offers an extra sense of security to your premises and it’s occupants as well as a deterrent to would-be intruders.  Our CCTV security systems can compliment existing security measures or stand alone as your primary security system.  The difference we can offer at Camera FX is experience, knowledge and professionalism when we are installing the systems. Our alarm technicians will spend time to explain exactly how the system will be installed, where it will be installed and how to operate the system.

CCTV is both reliable and cost-efficient and a great alternative than having to arrange a 24 hour security guard.  The footage is always clear and accessible giving you the peace of mind that your valuable property, possessions, staff or family are being watched and protected at all times.

If you would like more information on the installation process of our CCTV services or a free no obligation quote for CCTV for your business or home, contact us today.


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