Alarm Installation and Monitoring

The installation of an alarm system is just as important as the alarm system itself which is why all of our Camera FX installers are fully trained and experienced alarm technicians. Our clients need to have confidence in the security system being installed as well as the quality of the installation. The alarm system we choose to provide is one which offers high-definition video, a fully comprehensive analytics solution and is equipped with leading security technologies, Avigilon.

What is Avigilon High-Definition Analytics?

The difference which sets Avigilon apart from other technology based security systems is it’s pattern-based technology providing accurate recognition in not only movement, but specific characteristics of people and suspicious vehicles. This is done through HD resolution and ‘Teach by example’ technology which enables the user to retrain the system to accommodate the specific needs and environment of the venue.  Combined with Avigilon’s other pattern-based technology providing unique analytics algorithms, Avigilon is using technology which is not yet available in the security industry.

  • The primary benefits of the Avigilon system include:
  • Use of HD resolution allowing for more accurate identification
  • Superior video analytics technology
  • Teach by example capabilities
  • Easy installation
  • Can adapt to changes of surrounding areas without needing manual calibration
  • Accurate object detection and classification alerts
  • Detailed pre and post incident detection

The Avigilon units themselves are discreet and designed to blend into the architectural surroundings.

At Camera FX we understand how important it is that our clients have confidence in their security systems and monitoring and is why we provide only the best in security systems, alarm installation and customer service.

If you would like any more information on our services and installation procedures, or would like to arrange a quote for your residential or commercial premises, please contact our head office today.


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