Access Control Systems

The days of lock and key are gradually being replaced by more sophisticated and user-friendly systems such as finger print recognition. Having control  on who has access to your premises offers a sense of security and reassurance to the occupants.  The technology used in our Access Control Systems allows permissions of entry to be granted using a fingerprint reader. This system is becoming extremely popular in both the residential and commercial sector due to it’s accuracy and options of restricting access.

Benefits of a Residential Access Control System

  • Allowing system to be programmed to allow access only to those that live in the building/property
  • Secure a particular area or entry to the building/property
  • Installation can occur in initial building stages of the property or installed in an existing dwelling
  • Can be used on front entry gates to secure your surrounding property
  • Can be programmed to allow access at certain times of day
  • Access Control System can be installed to compliment existing or new security system (such as security cameras)

Benefits of Commercial and Industrial Access Control System

  • Controlling access to certain areas and entries to the premises
  • Reassurance to employees and clients of safety once they enter the premises
  • Ability to program the timing on access
  • Ability to program access to particular staff for particular areas
  • Monitoring movement of staff and guests
  • Access Control System can be installed in either an office or industrial environment
  • Security of stock, cash and assets by restricting access to authorised personnel only
  • Can be installed in in existing building or initial building stages
  • Access Control Systems can be installed as a package with other security systems (such as security cameras) or as an individual system

Access Control Systems are increasing in popularity and demand as the awareness and benefits of using such a comprehensive system becomes more known and accessible to the general population. Our Camera FX installers are all experienced and training in the installation, set-up and instruction of our Access Control Systems and can offer the best security system to suit the property and it’s use.

Contact our Camera FX head office today and we can arrange a free security consultation and property assessment.


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